Create to exceed our customers’ expectations

As an interior architect with over 20 years of experience, I design and oversee many renovation works. Once these have been completed and the keys handed over to our clients, a number of them often ask for an extended service to be provided.

Since we’ve shared our time and passion for design with our clients for a few months, a firm relationship of trust is built between us. This allows us to include an additional offer of further management & care of their properties.

Donati Property Services

an exclusive service for exclusive clients

Efficient property maintenance management thanks to a large network of service-dedicated professionals.


  • Experience in the trade and customer relationships
  • Strength of a network of qualified service-suppliers
  • High-quality services

Donati Property Services is fully committed to:

  1. meeting schedules;
  2. observing confidentiality;
  3. deserving trust;
  4. ensuring the quality of all its services.